why pay when it’s free?

That is a common question when I talk to potential clients. Why in the world would anyone pay someone to operate a free service, such as Facebook and Linked In?

My response would be “Why in the world wouldn’t you?”

Let me explain. In the world of social marketing, “social” is the most important part. Followers of a Facebook Page, or Twitter or Linked In accounts, want to be entertained with fresh, witty, and relevant content. And they want it on a consistent basis.

Now, most of the business owners I know are hard working, very busy individuals. They are focused on operations, payroll, hiring, and all of the other tasks of keeping their biz afloat. This fact is what keeps them from being able to post, tweet, link or blog their way into the social marketing universe on a regular basis. And, once these marketing efforts start to slack, it’s almost too late to recover. Their virtual base has lost interest, and are now mesmerized by the whimsical posts of the competitor down the street.

Don’t be afraid to pay a small amount to handle this area for your business. It may turn out to be the cheapest, most effective, employee you hire.

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