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why pay when it’s free?

That is a common question when I talk to potential clients. Why in the world would anyone pay someone to operate a free service, such as Facebook and Linked In?

My response would be “Why in the world wouldn’t you?”

Let me explain. In the world of social marketing, “social” is the most important part. Followers of a Facebook Page, or Twitter or Linked In accounts, want to be entertained with fresh, witty, and relevant content. And they want it on a consistent basis.

Now, most of the business owners I know are hard working, very busy individuals. They are focused on operations, payroll, hiring, and all of the other tasks of keeping their biz afloat. This fact is what keeps them from being able to post, tweet, link or blog their way into the social marketing universe on a regular basis. And, once these marketing efforts start to slack, it’s almost too late to recover. Their virtual base has lost interest, and are now mesmerized by the whimsical posts of the competitor down the street.

Don’t be afraid to pay a small amount to handle this area for your business. It may turn out to be the cheapest, most effective, employee you hire.


Twitter? Professional?…C’mon!!!

Yes, another social media outlet…Twitter…ugh! Not so fast folks!! When Twitter first emerged I thought that this was just another social media outlet for the kids, the younger generation. I signed up for an account some time early last summer, played with it for a day or two without much focus, and forgot about it. I continued to hear more and more about it. Honestly, what brought me back was when one Green Bay Packer, @nickbarnett56, was venting via Twitter. I wanted to see what the buzz was all about. It doesn’t matter though how I got back, just that I did. All of a sudden it hit me. I started networking a little with family, then with a few colleagues, then BAM!! I found #edchat. This is a ‘backchannel’ of Twitter that has educators all over the globe discussing current topics near and dear to our hearts in education. If you are reading this and you are not a teacher, you too can find a niche for your interests. See, the little # sign is called a hashtag. You put that little sign in front of a topic, group, or interest and do a simple search within Twitter and your eyes will be open to a world that you never new existed. Give it some time, you’ll get it…seriously! Get yourself an account today. Here is the link: After you get signed up, do a people search to find out if any of your friends or colleagues are on board, tweeting. If you are an educator I suggest following these four to get started @ShellTerrell @TomWhitby @jswiatek @web20classroom…and of course me, @jpsteltz 🙂 The person that really got me going with educational technology is @jbrogley who is our very own in-house tech guru!! Then, when you have some time, check out these two links I received from @ShellTerrell and…an amazing and vast expanse of quality educators to follow from all over the world, get to know, and learn from!! If/when you really get brave, download TweetDeck to utilize and maximize your Twitter experience . I have gotten involved on a ning network created by @tomwhitby with many of the Twitter educators and have even encouraged some of my colleagues to join. It has been an incredible experience. Just last night I received this link from @personified, if you are an educator or parent or both…watch it! I have had more professional development in the last month via Twitter than I have gotten at the last two professional conferences I have been at. It’s energizing and useful. Is it social? Sure. Is it professional? Absolutely! Hope to soon see your Tweets

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